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What qualities do I need?

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A career in the care sector is extremely rewarding and you can make a huge difference to someone’s life.

Having the ability to do the job well you will be required to have the following values or eager to work towards these values through some work experience.


  • Patience
  • Hard working
  • Dedication
  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Caring
  • Dignity and respect
  • Learn and reflect
  • Team work and ability to work alone

To apply for a care or support worker, you do not need any specific experience or qualifications to start a career in care. Any previous work experience will have developed qualities you may not even realise.

Demonstrating your values, behaviours and attitudes

You may not have experience of working in a social care role, but you might have other experience which demonstrates that you have the right values.

You could draw on experiences from 

  • a hobby
  • volunteering or work experience
  • your home life
  • a previous job (part time or full time)
  • or from everyday living.

    (Skills for Care)


 If your past employment is in something completely different to care work, do not worry! The career change to care IS possible. These male care workers all show their career change to care was the best thing they ever did!


About Make Care Matter

Our aim is to make care matter, supporting people in North Yorkshire to live longer, healthier, more independent lives. If you’re looking for a career which is more than just a job then adult social care is for you. You can find out more about working for us and apply for current vacancies here.

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