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“If you don’t love your job then change it, it’s as simple as that” Says Bob the Builder

Bob the EX builder boldly states: ““If you don’t love your job then change it, it’s as simple as that.”

After spending most of his working life being as a popular, well known builder in Northallerton.

Bobby had an unexpected career change! “Bricks I know…. THIS no!” he said to his wife who signed him up on a volunteering day.

Bobby discusses how he now wishes he’d made these changes much sooner.


Ambitious Angie helps promote careers in care

In this third video in the series Angie reflects on her 16 year career working in a number of different roles and why she was so keen to be an ambassador for Make Care Matter.

Although Angie loves her job she’s determined to continue climbing the career ladder whilst also developing the people in her team.

Angie said “I’ve always been driven and have a real passion for making sure older people and vulnerable adults receive the best possible care. It really is so rewarding, especially when a family tells you how contented they feel knowing that their loved ones are well cared for. Being able to make a difference was most definitely the main reason I applied to work in adult social care and it still motivates me today. I would say to anyone who is considering a career in care to go for it. It’s such a rewarding job, when you see those people you’re helping to care for living a full life.”

Next month we’ll focus on Bobby, a former builder who retired last year but continues to make care matter!


Reda's story; the benefits of working in reablement



In this second video in the Make Care Matter series we hear from Reda Djama, a reablement worker based at Jesmond House in Harrogate.

In the film Reda discusses how important reablement is to the clients he works with in supporting their recovery and helping them live independent lives. Reda also touches on how he got into adult social care and how his role fits around family life.

Reda said: “I am proud of what I do. It can be challenging but it’s also extremely rewarding building those relationships. Seeing the progress people make and knowing that I’m helping them to maintain their lifestyle makes the role so much more worthwhile. When I get up on a morning I know I am going to be making people happy and helping them get some of their independence back.”

Reda’s story will be followed by further Make Care Matter films in the coming weeks, so look out for the next instalment!

Lights, camera, action for care worker Liam

liam connie







Back in 2016 when we first talked to Liam Fletcher about his role as a care and support worker we knew he had something special, however Liam exceeded everyone’s expectations when he took on a star role in the first Make Care Matter film.

As a young man in his twenties Liam is the perfect ambassador for the Make Care Matter campaign and feels passionate about inspiring people who wouldn’t ordinarily consider adult social care as a career option to think again.

After studying music at college Liam tried several jobs and didn’t particularly enjoy any of them, but now feels that care is a career he can really develop in.

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Care home or chocolate factory?


Growing up in a retirement home gave Graeme Lee a remarkable perspective on elderly care and he’s used it to great effect.

The Chocolate Works Care Village in York has revived a derelict Art Deco building which now includes a pub, cinema and thoughtful design to enhance the quality of life of its residents. In 1967 Graeme's parents turned a large house in Garforth into the first care home for the elderly in Leeds. They and their children lived alongside the residents.

“I’d watch TV with the old ladies in the lounge and chat to them. At the weekend I’d make them breakfast so my mum he could have a lie-in” Graeme says. “Living with older people gave me a natural empathy with them and made me very aware of their needs and of how vulnerable they are.”

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It's a long, long road...

wellburn 30 day roadtrip

As Wellburn Care continue to celebrate the milestone of their 30th birthday this year, they also want to take some time to thank properly those who have helped get them here. And one of the best unkept secrets to their success, is the local communities. With 14 care homes covering all four corners of the North East, Wellburn have been extremely fortunate that all of those local communities have taken them in their hearts. So naturally in this year of celebration, they want to give something back to them, to say a big thank you for their unerring support and loyalty.

‘The 30 Day Road Trip’, begins on November 3rd, and for 30 days, Wellburn Care will be travelling around the North East and Yorkshire, spreading the love and giving back to community centres, charities and many others along the way.

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You've Been Framed!

image for wellburn care news








Over the past few months, Wellburn Care have been piloting their new ‘You’ve Been Framed’ project, with a view to it being rolled out across all of their homes. The concept behind the project is to use old picture frames to create life story collages, acting as conversation starters for visitors and staff. Wellburn’s Ian Donaghy believes the project will help “reinforce who we are, when we are having difficulties with our memories.”

Read more: You've Been Framed!

Everyone's invited to the World's Biggest Coffee Morning!

macmillan coffee morning






Macmillan cancer support is a very special friend of Wellburn Care’s, and throughout the year, they try to do as much as possible to support the work Macmillan do. This September, Wellburn Care will be running various events across all of their homes, to raise as much money as possible, culminating in Macmillan's 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' event on Friday 29th September.

Read more: Everyone's invited to the World's Biggest Coffee Morning!

You haven't missed the boat yet!


If you missed the boat on our recent apprenticeship opportunities don't despair! There will be some further opportunities advertised soon for you to jump aboard! Keep an eye on our apprenticeships page.  

In the meantime why not send an application in to our apprenticeship talent pool - https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/apprenticeships..

If you're looking for a real job, earning real money, with real career opportunities we'd love to hear from you.

image for comms

Let's celebrate Care Home Open Day 2017!

Care Home Open Day takes place this year on Friday 16th June and is a fantastic opportunity for services to open their doors to the community in which they are a part of. It is a chance to showcase and celebrate what a wonderful place our care homes are and the amazing work our staff do.

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fb event promotion

Make Care Matter is going on the road!

The Make Care Matter Roadshow is starting its journey in Ripon on Thursday 1 June.

The aim of the roadshow is to raise awareness of adult social care and give members of the public an opportunity to chat with sector professionals who will share their stories and first-hand experiences of what it's really like to work in the care sector.

Read more: Make Care Matter is going on the road!

World Record Breaker at 101 Years of Age

Verdun Hayes has recently become the oldest person in the world to skydive - at the age of 101 and 38 days. He broke the record along with three generations of his family at an airfield in Devon. He has wanted to do the jump since he turned 90 but was previously talked out of it by his wife who has since passed.

The family were raising money for the Royal British Legion, a charity close to Verdun's heart having served in the army during the second world war. Speaking of the war, Verdun says: “How I came home from world war two I do not know. I was so near to the edge of everything. I lost any amount of friends in no time at all really. I just didn’t think I would ever return home.”

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daw logo

On Dementia Awareness Week (14-20 May 2017), we are uniting against Dementia!

Dementia is set to be the 21st century's biggest killer but together we can raise awareness, understanding and offer support to those we care for and their families.

Harry, 16, has done just that by raising more than £8,000 for Alzheimer's Research UK when the song he wrote about his nan who suffered with Alzheimers went viral. More recently, you may have seen him perform the emotional song to the Britain's Got Talent judges on Saturday 6th May.

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Dedicated Norma to retire at 79

Norma Croft always goes above and beyond the call of duty and hasn't missed a day's work through sickness in 30 years.

She has been known to walk two miles from her home in the snow to get to work in winter. In fact, she hasn't missed a day's work through sickness in 30 years and never takes all her annual holiday

Read more: Dedicated Norma to retire at 79

Dedicated staff rise to the challenge

When it comes to going that extra mile, the staff team at 5 Whitby Road Elderly Persons' Home in Pickering are always ready to help.

Working extra shifts, covering for sickness absences and taking on new roles have all been taken in their stride by the staff, whose dedication was rewarded when they won the 'Working as a team for North Yorkshire' category in the recent Health and Adult Services Staff Excellence Awards.

Read more: Dedicated staff rise to the challenge

Dedicated gardener Kevin proves a cut above

Time isn't always money for gardener Kevin Hines as he goes about the job he loves.

Kevin, 55, works at Silver Birches elderly persons' home in Filey, keeping the grounds looking spick and span. And although he is only paid to work for 1.8 hours a week, he often stays all day for no extra pay and regularly turns out to help at fundraising events for the residential home.

Read more: Dedicated gardener Kevin proves a cut above

'Chuffed' Wendy is clean out in front

Wendy Inman was awash with pride when she won an award for her tireless work in the laundry at a residential home.

Wendy, 62, has worked at Ashfield Elderly Persons' Home in Malton for more than 20 years and at the recent North Yorkshire County Council Health and Adult Services Staff Excellence Awards won the category for Customer Excellence.

Read more: 'Chuffed' Wendy is clean out in front

Celebrating excellence in North Yorkshire's health and adult care

Staff members who help to make North Yorkshire's adult social care and public health services outstanding have been publicly thanked in the county's Health and Adult Services Staff Excellence Awards.

At a time when adult social care services nationally are acutely stretched, the County Council continues to invest in the frontline to a greater extent than many other councils. 

Read more: Celebrating excellence in North Yorkshire's health and adult care

People living with dementia can now access a new support service provided by Making Space, a charity working in North Yorkshire.

Making Space receives funding to provide a dementia support service from North Yorkshire County Council and the NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in the county. The overall aim of the dementia support service is to improve people's quality of life, promote their independence and help them to plan and to maintain or widen their social networks while living with dementia. Dementia support workers help people to link with agencies and groups that can support them, including, if they wish, others who are living with the condition.

Read more: Additional support available for people living with dementia

The County Council will carry on prioritising adult social care despite unrelenting budgetary pressures.

In response to a national social services budget survey published today, the Council has pledged to continue to invest in the frontline.  North Yorkshire has protected adult social care spending to a greater extent than many other councils and now spends over 35 per cent of its budget on the social care of older people and vulnerable adults.

Read more: North Yorkshire presses ahead with adult social care priorities


About Make Care Matter

Our aim is to make care matter, supporting people in North Yorkshire to live longer, healthier, more independent lives. If you’re looking for a career which is more than just a job then adult social care is for you. You can find out more about working for us and apply for current vacancies here.

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