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Bertie heads out on adventures with NYCC's Richard Webb!

Bertie, the Make Care Matter Bear, packed his bags and heads on a road trip  with NYCC's Richard Webb- Corporate Director of Health and Adult Service's.
He had a fantastic time visiting NYCC adult services and meeting their staff and residents. Thank you to everyone for making Bertie feel so welcome!

Bertie has a fantastic week with Time Together- Harrogate

Bertie had a lovely week with the staff at Time Together and their service users. He made lots of new friends and attended lots of different places!
Check out Bertie's week below!

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Bertie goes to Avalon- Northallerton

My first week away was amazing! I went to Avalon and I met lots of new friends and even went on some learning courses! 

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Don't stop at retirement - Bill's story

Bill retired from his role as a social care coordinator following a long and varied career but returned to his role on a flexible basis. He’s now able to spend more time on the aspects of the work he enjoys the most.

“The best part is the hands on care. Being able to support people to do the things they aren’t able to do for themselves is so rewarding. This is what I have always loved to do.

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Don't stop at retirement - Bobby's storytake it from them bobby circle lay

After working as a builder since the age of 15, the only regret Bobby has of making the move into care is that he didn’t do it 20 years sooner.

Although officially retired now, Bobby provides relief cover which offers him a great deal of flexibility. Bobby enjoys the relationships he has with the people he supports, their families and colleagues and says that his role helps to keep him young.

“Now I’m retired it’s nice to be able to do my own thing, book holidays when I want to and not have to work Monday to Friday if I don’t want to. It makes a huge difference knowing I have the option – I could still work full time if I wanted to.”

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Care home or chocolate factory?


Growing up in a retirement home gave Graeme Lee a remarkable perspective on elderly care and he’s used it to great effect.

The Chocolate Works Care Village in York has revived a derelict Art Deco building which now includes a pub, cinema and thoughtful design to enhance the quality of life of its residents. In 1967 Graeme's parents turned a large house in Garforth into the first care home for the elderly in Leeds. They and their children lived alongside the residents.

“I’d watch TV with the old ladies in the lounge and chat to them. At the weekend I’d make them breakfast so my mum he could have a lie-in” Graeme says. “Living with older people gave me a natural empathy with them and made me very aware of their needs and of how vulnerable they are.”

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& they say dementia takes the person away...

This has been an area of ongoing debate with many believing there is a need to really engage with the individual, know what is important to them and get into their reality to be able to make connections. David Sheard from Dementia Care Matters describes himself as being like Marmite; you either love him or hate him. His team worked with Channel 4 on the series Dementiaville. The ethos of his approach is to focus on emotional intelligence. The team had real impact when they worked with the person and their family to understand what was important to them including their interests or passions.

What would you would want people to know about you if you were living with dementia?

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What is Reablement?

Reablement is more than just providing care. It centres on recovery and supporting people to live independent lives. To the people you support, it can make the world of difference to their quality of life.

The ability to make such a difference is so rewarding and Fred's story shows that these remarkable people really do help individuals to live and not just exist.

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Oomph! at Wellburn Careoomph 2

Oomph!’s story is close to Wellburn's heart, as they were the first care home to pioneer their services at their Rosevale home. Oomph! offer services to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults, through training key staff members to better understand their needs.

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It's a long, long road...

wellburn 30 day roadtrip

As Wellburn Care continue to celebrate the milestone of their 30th birthday this year, they also want to take some time to thank properly those who have helped get them here. And one of the best unkept secrets to their success, is the local communities. With 14 care homes covering all four corners of the North East, Wellburn have been extremely fortunate that all of those local communities have taken them in their hearts. So naturally in this year of celebration, they want to give something back to them, to say a big thank you for their unerring support and loyalty.

‘The 30 Day Road Trip’, begins on November 3rd, and for 30 days, Wellburn Care will be travelling around the North East and Yorkshire, spreading the love and giving back to community centres, charities and many others along the way.

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You've Been Framed!

image for wellburn care news








Over the past few months, Wellburn Care have been piloting their new ‘You’ve Been Framed’ project, with a view to it being rolled out across all of their homes. The concept behind the project is to use old picture frames to create life story collages, acting as conversation starters for visitors and staff. Wellburn’s Ian Donaghy believes the project will help “reinforce who we are, when we are having difficulties with our memories.”

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Men Care Too - Adrian's Storyadrian smaller

At the age of 20, Adrian started his career working at a day centre in Surrey where he supported people of all ages with mental health problems.  Adrian has been in his current role for seven years and loves the satisfaction of helping people get their independence back.

“Everybody is going to need some kind of help at some point during their life and, if we’re really lucky, it will be towards the end. Some people aren’t that lucky and I want my career to involve doing something that people genuinely appreciate. Working in care you’re not just another cog in the wheel, you are recognised for what you do.”

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Men Care Too - Liam's Campaign liam4b smaller

In his two years of working within adult social care; Liam, 26, hasn’t stopped laughing and is learning something new every single day.

“This job is different to all of my other jobs. It doesn’t feel like the daily grind and I aren’t just repeating the day before – I really am making a difference. I might be in the same place, surrounded by the same people but no day is ever the same.”

In the home where Liam works, there used to be more female residents than male. Now, it’s quite the opposite. More and more males are needing care and as people are living longer, this will only increase. Liam wants to encourage more males to consider a career in care and says that they would probably surprise themselves, just like he did.

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Everyone's invited to the World's Biggest Coffee Morning!

macmillan coffee morning






Macmillan cancer support is a very special friend of Wellburn Care’s, and throughout the year, they try to do as much as possible to support the work Macmillan do. This September, Wellburn Care will be running various events across all of their homes, to raise as much money as possible, culminating in Macmillan's 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' event on Friday 29th September.

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Sheila's Story

Sheila works as a care assistant for Bluebird Care. She loves her role and the fascinating people she gets to meet, being able to support them sometimes just by doing the smallest of things gives her an enormous sense of job satisfaction.

At 6.45am, I will arrive at my first appointment of the day. 88-year-old Florence lives on her own and needs help starting her day. Although I don’t actually start my shift until 7am, I always like to get there slightly early as I know Florence will always be looking out the window, awaiting my arrival.

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york forever young festival 3 780x528

Age is just a number at Forever Young Music Festival!

Where some care homes play wall to wall Vera Lynn or ‘In the Mood’ on a loop, Grimston Court Care Home, owned by Wellburn Care Homes, in York think very differently. As well as having Spotify playlists within the home, they also play host to an annual music festival- Forever Young. This year’s festival was on September 2nd, and it was a huge success with residents, families and the community.
As well as residents and families from Grimston Court, visitors from Wellburn’s other 13 care homes came along. Ranging from Berwick and Newcastle, to Driffield and Richmond, residents flocked to Grimston Court, some of whom stayed as guests over for the weekend.

pnn comp252348Care Assistant from Surrey encourages young men to consider a career in care

Jarred, aged 20 says he has found the job that has helped him find direction in life. After leaving college at 17, he flitted between roles for two years before landing the job he loves.

“My other jobs had no meaning to them and I wasn’t helping anyone. Care is completely different. Unlike other jobs, I don’t dread going into work."

“The pay is better than the other jobs I’ve done and although there are easier jobs, the level of satisfaction I get every day makes up for the challenges you sometimes face."

“And as there’s lots of overtime and flexible working hours, which would be good for any university students balancing paid work with studying, it means I have a good social life, too."

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One job - a thousand opportunities!istock 618444788

There has never been a better time to consider applying for an apprenticeship!

Looking to earn whilst you learn? An apprenticeship could be the ideal route for you, providing you with a real job with progression and a reliable income whilst you achieve your qualification with our full support.

With an apprenticeship, you will gain the knowledge, the skills, and crucially, the industry experience necessary for a successful career. And even if you later decide to do a totally different job, the skills you have gained will give you a huge advantage. 

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image for comms

Let's celebrate Care Home Open Day 2017!

Care Home Open Day takes place this year on Friday 16th June and is a fantastic opportunity for services to open their doors to the community in which they are a part of. It is a chance to showcase and celebrate what a wonderful place our care homes are and the amazing work our staff do.

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fb event promotion

Make Care Matter is going on the road!

The Make Care Matter Roadshow is starting its journey in Ripon on Thursday 1 June.

The aim of the roadshow is to raise awareness of adult social care and give members of the public an opportunity to chat with sector professionals who will share their stories and first-hand experiences of what it's really like to work in the care sector.

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About Make Care Matter

Our aim is to make care matter, supporting people in North Yorkshire to live longer, healthier, more independent lives. If you’re looking for a career which is more than just a job then adult social care is for you. You can find out more about working for us and apply for current vacancies here.

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