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Bertie has a fantastic week with Time Together- Harrogate

Bertie had a lovely week with the staff at Time Together and their service users. He made lots of new friends and attended lots of different places!
Check out Bertie's week below!

My week with Time Together


 I had a busy time with us at our Happy Mondays club last night! I met loads of our clients and staff members and played some games with them, including dominoes, pool, Mariokart and frustration. Games are a great way to practise numeracy skills and social skills such as taking turns and helping each other to learn.

 I got involved making some pom pom poppies as part of our #projectpompom which we are currently making for a collaborative Remembrance Day art installation at Trinity Church. We are using pom pom makers, which are really simple to use and many of our clients have been able to create some pom pom poppies. Being creative feels good and we can't wait to see the final installation!

Then I joined our peer support group for a discussion about coping strategies to use in tricky situations, and things that are in the news this week. Our peer support group is facilitated by Karen Murray of Keyring Advocacy. It is important to be able to get together with your peers and discuss current topics, share tips and ideas, and form friendships.

We use Change4Life recipes at Happy Mondays and I chose a yummy and healthy chicken korma for my tea. It was a tough call choosing between that and beef stew with dumplings! Our clients often take these recipes home to cook with support after trying them at Happy Mondays. I took a copy of both!

 Time Together staff and clients have really enjoyed meeting me!


I had a road trip out with Assistant Manager Louise to Knaresborough's Centre on Gracious Street (COGS) for a NYCC refresher training course on Adult Safeguarding. It is important that all staff keep up to date with training to be able to deliver a safe service. The course was run by the lovely Donna who welcomed me and posed for photos with me. I learned all about how to keep clients safe, prevent harm, recognise the signs that something might be wrong, and what to do if you have a concern (see https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/safeguarding for more info).

After a serious start to the day I returned to the Time Together Starbeck premises for their free and inclusive fitness class FiiT Together. The class is run by Vicky, a personal trainer with lots of experience working with people with additional needs. Vicky is great at thinking up creative and fun ways to keep moving and improve fitness levels. Anyone can come to FiiT Together, it runs on Tuesdays 11am-12pm, you just need to phone to book on 01423 883992. I worked really hard, I needed a bit of help with some of the exercises and I very much enjoyed a little lie down to rest and stretch at the end of the class!

In the afternoon I got to meet brand new staff member Courtney, who will be starting as a Support Worker with Time Together next week. She is excited to be joining the team and was happy to give me a big cuddle!

I then spend some time chilling out in Time Together's interactive multi-sensory room, it's a great space which uses light, sound and a range of specialist equipment designed to create the perfect environment for relaxation and calm. With the aid of switches clients are able to interact with the equipment giving the opportunity to explore cause and effect. Multi-sensory rooms deliver proven benefits across all age ranges and from moderate to profound special needs. Time Together's sensory room is available to hire and is free* for the month of November! My favourite pieces of equipment were the bubble tube and the infinity tunnel.


 I started the day meeting our cleaners Sally and Sharon, and helping them to do a bit of hoovering! Keeping the premises clean is a vital part of food safety and infection control. I then enjoyed a chat and a cuddle with two supporters of Time Together Harry & Jackie who popped in to say hello.

Support Worker Monique was meeting with her assessor Clair from Care Skills to discuss the progress she has made with her Health and Social Care Diploma. I sat in on their meeting  and was really interested about all the things you can learn through a diploma - I discovered it's a great way to enhance your skills as a social care professional, and to learn how to improve service through reflective practice.

I then spent the afternoon with a Time Together client, they visited a nearby farm and said hello to the pigs. It's important for everyone to feel linked with their community and to take part in community events and visit community initiatives. I thought the pigs were cute but didn't like the smell! I learned the Makaton sign for "pig". Click on this video link to see how to sign "pig" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtIspenGvho

Later in the afternoon I tried to sit in on Support Worker Steve's supervision meeting with Service Manager Sam - it was explained to me that these meetings are confidential and not just for anyone to attend! Supervisions are individual staff members' regular time to speak with their line manager to talk about what is going well, and discuss areas in which they may need some help to improve.

I ended the day joining in with a Time Together staff meeting. It is vital that staff get together regularly to discuss any news or issues, to support each other and to share best practice ideas. I got to hear all about the exciting things planned for the next couple of months, including a Halloween fancy dress party and a Christmas party. I even had chance to announce the latest winner of Time Together's staff recognition scheme - Support Worker Charlene. I had some time at the end of the meeting to explain to the support workers why he was at Time Together this week, and what Make Care Matter is all about. Thank you so much to Time Together for having me, my week was FANTASTIC!

Lots of love Bertie xx



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