Who Cares?

A learning disability support worker based in a day centre

bobbyAfter working as a builder since the age of 15, the only regret Bobby has of making the move into care is that he didn’t do it 20 years sooner.

“I’ve got my wife to thank really. At the time she was working for a local charity and needed someone to stand in one Saturday as a chaperone. I did it to help her out even though I was really apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect. Nobody was more surprised than me how much I loved it!”

Bobby continued to chaperone alongside his job in the building trade until circumstances meant he was unable to continue building. From then on Bobby has worked in care full time.

“There hasn’t been a day gone by where I haven’t enjoyed coming to work. Its great being part of a team and always picking up new things. We’re like one big family and we learn from each other. That includes the people I help to care for. People might not know what to expect from someone with a learning disability but they help and support each other too. It’s great seeing them enjoying life.”

The satisfaction Bobby gets from being part of a team and providing the people he cares for with the best possible support is second to none.

“When I get a smile from the people I’m caring for, I know I’m doing my job right. It feels great knowing that the support I give to them is what I would want for myself or my own family. This job really means something to me.”


About Make Care Matter

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