Adrian-Mental Health Worker

Adrian- Mental Health Worker

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At the age of 20, Adrian started his career working at a day centre in Surrey where he supported people of all ages with mental health problems.  Adrian has been in his current role for seven years and loves the satisfaction of helping people get their independence back.

“Everybody is going to need some kind of help at some point during their life and, if we’re really lucky, it will be towards the end. Some people aren’t that lucky and I want my career to involve doing something that people genuinely appreciate. Working in care you’re not just another cog in the wheel, you are recognised for what you do.”

“The most rewarding thing is seeing people out in the community who didn’t ever think that they would be independent again, getting their confidence back and doing what they used to do with no problems. My role involves letting people know what services they can access, supporting them to cook for themselves, getting them out socialising or reviving an interest in a hobby. It can be occasionally challenging, some people can be reluctant to accept help but after a short time of visiting don’t ever want you to leave.”

Being able to benefit from extensive training is a big selling point for Adrian, he’s able to build on his knowledge to offer the best care to those he supports.

“It’s impossible to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, some people have dealt with life changing events, so giving them a new lease of life is so rewarding.”


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