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Care professionals stories

All of our care professionals have come from different backgrounds and walks of life. There really is a place in care for everyone. 

Can you care?

Working in care can be an extremely rewarding career, offering endless job satisfaction and allowing you to really make a difference. 

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We have a wide variety of care roles available across North Yorkshire. Find the perfect job for you and make care matter. We'd love to hear from you!

What is it like to work in adult social care?

Adult social care is an invaluable sector, made up of various different areas and professions. It responds to a wide range of needs - from a young adult with a learning disability who needs assistance with daily tasks to an elderly person with dementia who needs emotional support as well as personal care. It helps people to live as independently as possible, protects people from harm in vulnerable situations and offers essential support in times of need. Individuals need the maximum degree of choice on how their care is delivered, they need to be able to choose how they live their life. It is about working with people in communities to ensure that they become more resilient and self-sustaining.


No adult has the same needs when it comes to care, so this means various services and provisions work together to ensure individuals receive the level of care they need to meet their personal circumstances. There are a variety of different care settings out there,


Take a look at the breakdown below to see examples of social care settings