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Make Care Matter / Sponsored Migrants – know your rights

Welcome to the UK and working in the Care Sector

A very warm welcome to the UK. The UK is a country with a diverse and multi-ethnic population, and we value the skills and experience that people bring to our country. People from all over the world have made this country their place of work and their home and we thank you for choosing to relocate here.

Thank you also for choosing to work in the Care Sector, enabling people to live happy, healthy and independent lives is a career that makes a difference to people and their families lives every day and in our local communities. The work you do is vital and rewarding with a responsibility to safeguard people.

We hope that everyone has a great experience of relocating to the UK but it can be complex getting to know a new country, working life and new laws to work within.

This guide is designed to help you know what your rights are, and signposts helpful information where you can go to gain more advice and support.

This guide will help you if you have problems with your job, your employer, accommodation or pay.

In addition to this help on this page, you might find it useful to read: Guidance-For-International-Workers-in-the-Care-Sector.pdf (

Working in the UK; know your rights

Your rights as a worker are protected by UK law.

Some rights apply as soon as you get a job, others depend on how long you work.

What you should expect from your employer is detailed on this website: Workers' rights - Employment rights - GLAA . These are your legal rights.

Working in the UK via Employer Sponsorship, know your rights

If you have relocated to the UK as a sponsored employee, your employer has things they must do, these are your employer’s responsibilities;

The below list includes the most important responsibilities they have as your sponsor;.

  • They should check you have the necessary skills, qualifications or accreditations to do your job.
  • They should provide you with a valid certificate of sponsorship and keep this updated with any relevant changes
  • They should inform Visas and Immigration (UKVI) if you are not complying with the conditions of your visa
  • They should keep copies of relevant documents, including proof of right to work checks.
  • They should pay you for the work that you do and provide you with a payslip (a record of your pay)
  • They are liable for any applicable Immigration Skills Charge and cannot pass this cost not you

For a full list of all the employers responsibilities please see UK visa sponsorship for employers: Your responsibilities - GOV.UK (

Your responsibilities whilst being sponsored

You may be on a skilled worker visa or a health and care worker visa. Each of these have responsibilities that you must do. Your responsibilities depend on the Visa you have and include what you can and can’t do whilst working in the UK on a sponsored visa.  If you do not comply with this you could risk your visa being revoked (removed). 

Skilled Worker Visa – Skilled Worker visa: Overview - GOV.UK (

Health and Care Worker Visa - Health and Care Worker visa: Overview - GOV.UK (

Your Pay and Deductions

Your employer must pay you for the work that you do and provide you with a record of your pay and an itemised list detailing any deductions.



Conditions of Work

When starting a new role, you should be provided with a ‘Contract of Employment’

Frequently Asked Questions

If your employer is not meeting their responsibilities, or your employer has had their license suspended or revoked you have various options available to you.