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Make Care Matter / Career progression in social care

Is there career progression in social care?

There is a wide variety of career progression in social care with lots of different routes to choose from! In addition to our entry level social care positions, there are also other positions within care that require a certain level of experience and qualifications, allowing you to take the next steps on your career journey:

Registered manager Sharon MossREGISTERED MANAGER

You will be responsible for ensuring the organisation you manage is meeting standards and providing a quality and consistent service. You will also be responsible for financial processes, managing the overall budget and ensuring the organisation is fully equipped to run smoothly. Experience and qualifications required: Manager positions can really vary across different settings. In general, you will need to be qualified to level 4 or above in health and social care, and often hold a management qualification.

Social care worker speaks with client.SOCIAL WORKER

As a social worker you will support vulnerable adults and their families through difficult times, ensuring that the vulnerable adults are safeguarded from harm and have the relevant support and resources in place. Experience and qualifications required: You will need to hold a social worker qualification and be registered, or due to receive your registration with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Team leader speaks with service user.TEAM LEADER / SUPERVISOR

This role will vary depending on what setting you are in but will generally involve you leading a team of care workers, coordinating their different tasks and ensuring they provide high quality care and support. Experience and qualifications required: Employers will generally require you to hold a level 2 qualification in health and social care and either have achieved or be working towards a level 3 qualification in health and social care.

Team of nurses plan rotaNURSE

Your role will involve performing clinical and healthcare tasks in either residential settings and out in the community. You could be working with adults with learning disabilities, mental health issues and with the elderly, as well as other specialist areas. Experience and qualifications required: You will need to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and will hold a degree in nursing.


Occupational therapist speaks with client.OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST

You will work with adults with social, physical and mental disabilities to help them carry out day-to-day activities independently. Working closely with individuals you will create a personal plan to support their development and review this regularly in line with their progress. Experience and qualifications required: You will be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and will hold a degree or diploma in occupational therapy.

Looking for more information about career progression?

The Skills for Care website is a great platform to find out detailed information about careers in adult social care, including the various progression paths. Click on the image below to view their interactive document on the different career routes available:

Looking for information on other adult social care related roles? Take a look at the North Yorkshire jobs page and the NHS jobs page.