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Support Worker – Community Care, Norton, Malton – Acorn Community Care LTD £12.00 per hour – £82.00 per sleep over

Acorn Community Care – Application form


 Acorn Community Care Norton, Malton and surrounding areas.


Salary: From £12.00 per hour – £82.00 per sleep over (sleeping)

Contract: Various

Hours: Various

Support workers across the charity (Acorn Community Care Ltd) are here to provide training and work placement opportunities for adults with a learning/physical disability. Support Workers also work across the Acorn Domiciliary Service and work with a similar cliental providing support in individual customers home to enable the individual to live independently in the community.


The role of the Support Worker


1.      Will hold a relevant diploma (or equivalent) in health and social care or a willingness to work towards this after completing the care certificate.

2.      Take on key worker responsibility for identified customers.

3.      Attend relevant meetings to support the customer

4.      Liaise with GP, Dentist and other Health professionals to maintain a good standard of health care for the individual Customer.

5.      Demonstrate sound communication skills, both verbal and literary in accordance to Policies and Procedures of Acorn Community Care Ltd

6.      Demonstrate skills of Confidentiality and abide by GDPR policy and legislation

7.      Attend Staff Meetings on a regular basis

8.      Show ability to work as a team

9.      The ability to work across both day service and domiciliary settings.

10.  Show initiative when working alone and abide by the lone working policy and guidance.

11.  Attend all training courses as deemed relevant for your specific job role

12.  Support the Individual Service User to live independently in the community including assisting, promoting and guidance in


·       Budgeting

·       Devising Menus

·       Writing shopping lists

·       Shopping

·       Correct storage of shopping

·       Cleaning cupboards regularly

·       Keeping Fridge/freezers clean and fit for purpose

·       Washing up/cleaning surfaces

·       Correct use/care of all equipment

·       Cleaning cooker/oven

·       Paying bills if appropriate

·       Saving for holidays/new equipment/Christmas etc

·       Safe handling of money

·       Housework e.g. Hoovering/polishing/ washing woodwork

·       Making bed

·       Changing linen

·       Laundry in general e.g. washing/drying/ironing/storage

·       Bathroom/toilet cleaning

·       Window cleaning internal

·       Organising Social activities

·       Using local buses

·       Attending day services

·       Attending to outside grounds



13.  To attend appointments such as GP appointments etc. with the Service User, bearing in mind choice and empowerment

14.  To enable the Customer, manage and abide by their Tenancy agreement.

15.  Where ever possible, enable the Customer to remain in credit with all their financial agreements, and report any concerns immediately to the service managers.

16.  To accompany the Customer to access all community activities as devised by the Customer

17.  To accompany the customer to Day Services.

18.  When working at day services, follow the day service allocation by working 1:1 with a Customer or leading a group of Customers to take part in projects as per support plans and risk assessments

19.  Report any inconsistencies with support and delivery to service managers immediately.

20.  To accompany the Customer to engage all activities as described in their individual support plan

21.  To follow Customer risk assessments and report any changes to the service managers.

22.  To record any incidents on the relevant forms and keep management informed as required.

23.  To keep relevant information/documentation as required

24.  To Support the individual to take prescribed medication appropriately, if necessary, train to administer/administer medication as per MAR sheet and record as required

25.  To make and maintain links in the local area of the Customer, e.g. shops/pub/clubs

26.  Be competent in Health & Safety matters and report any concerns to The Manager

27.  Develop and Implement appropriate training needs for the Customer e.g. road safety

28.  Identify any personal training needs and discuss with the service manager

29.  Attend supervision sessions when requested by service management

30.  Be able to effectively manage your own personal safety as well as the person you are supporting (in line with the C.P.I Safety Intervention training provided). 

31.  Support Acorn Community Services Ltd with fund raising activities/ideas

32.  Give support to Colleagues and Managers



This list is not exhaustive, and any other tasks required maintaining a Customer’s independence may be required or requested by the Manager


The role of Support Worker needs to be sensitive to the changing needs of the Customer, Legislation, the Charity and other concerned individuals/professionals i.e. parents.


Although guidance is given in the Role/Job description of the Support Worker, changes and or additions may need to be made to meet the changing needs of the Customer




* It is a criminal offence for people who are barred from working in Regulated Activity (under the Safeguarding and Vulnerable Groups Act 2006) to apply for roles that require them to work unsupervised with adults at risk.*  

*We are committed to the inclusion, safeguarding and promoting the welfare of adults at risk*


If you feel this is the role for you, please contact Kayleigh 07855 195618 or you can email for further information. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in being considered for more than one of our vacancies, you will only need submit ONE application. You can state in the ‘Supporting Evidence’ section of your application the other roles you would like to be considered for, but any suitable roles will be discussed with you.

Together we can Make Care Matter.


To apply for this job please visit