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Care Professional of the year Display Images

Here at Make Care Matter, we love celebrating the incredible individuals who work in adult social care and recognise the vitally important role they play in communities across the UK. So, when the team for The Care Professionals of the Year Awards reached out and asked us to be involved in this years judging panel, we were honoured to be given the opportunity to celebrate adult social care providers and highlight the incredibly important work that they do.  

There are 16 award categories, including Mental health professional of the year, care leader of the year, Operational staff member of the year and Dignity champions of the year to name a few. The board range of categories ensures that all areas of the social care sector are included and recognises the immense effort all frontline staff make of the provision of care services; from care workers and care manager to those who ensure homes are maintained and facilitate training, all individuals working in Adult Social Care deserve to be celebrated.

With Nominations set to close on 26 June, would like to encourage you to nominate a care professional. In doing so, you will have to opportunity to show your appreciation and say thank you to your caregiver, and in doing so, boost their morale and ensure Social Care professional feel appreciated and valued for the work they do. This is a great way to Celebrate the Adult social Care sector, promoting it to future generations and building a stronger future for Adult Social Care.

When asked about her upcoming judging duties, Kimberly said, “Make Care Matter is proud to partner with The Care Professionals of the Year Awards 2024, and I am excited to help choose the winners from what will surely be an inspiring group of nominees.”

Keep an eye on our news feed to stay informed on the winners of this year’s awards, Make Care Matter are excited to celebrate with you. For a glimpse of what’s to come, watch the video below showcasing last year’s winners.

Interested in joining the adult social care industry and making a difference in your local community? For information and guidance, visit Make Care Matter or contact a member of our team.