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Adult Social Care is an ever growing and invaluable sector, made up of various different areas and professions which responds to a wide range of needs. 

We offer support to candidates whether you are applying for a specific job or want to find out more about working in care. We're here for you.

We have a wide variety of care roles available across North Yorkshire. Find the perfect job for you and make care matter. We'd love to hear from you!

People who care

Working in care can be an extremely rewarding career, offering endless job satisfaction and allowing you to really make a difference. Working in care is far more than just a job. It is interaction, communication and relationship building. The enjoyment of activities, sharing of stories and memories, all whilst learning about the varied lives of the people you support. The positive impact you can make to the lives of others is invaluable. You don’t need previous experience or qualifications to work in care, relevant training and support can be provided by your employer. To work in care the most important qualities an employer will be looking for include:

Commitment. Working in any role within the care sector requires a high level of commitment to those you are caring for. You will be committed to ensuring they receive the best care and support possible and that you are doing everything you can to support them in living a fulfilled and dignified life. 

Ability to relate to others. Working with others is a huge part of working in care, be it with service users or colleagues. It is therefore crucial that you can relate to those you are working with. This includes understanding the circumstances of those you are caring for and utilising this understanding to provide tailored care to suit their personal situations. It also involves being able to relate to colleagues, being appreciative of their opinions, suggestions and working closely with them to provide quality care and support. 
Resilience. Working in care does not come without its challenges and can really test your ability to persevere at times. Maintaining resilience throughout is crucial and allows you to overcome any barriers and focus on the endless rewards that a career in care can bring.
Empathy. This is perhaps the most important value to hold when working in care. Skills, knowledge and experience offer a great deal but are outweighed by the ability to truly empathise with an individual and their circumstance. Being empathetic in your work and demonstrating an ability to practice emotional care as well as supporting with physical tasks is what makes a great carer.

Holding these core values is really the only requirement to work in care and means that people from all walks of life and backgrounds can access a career in the care sector:

Can I care?

We truly believe that if you have the right core values and attitude, a career in care is for you. We have supported various different people to find their ideal career in care by helping them understand what will be involved in the different roles and whether or not it would suit their interests. We are always happy to help people understand what working in care entails and help people come to a decision if it is the right career path for them; you can contact us to arrange a conversation with one of our Make Care Matter team.

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